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I think as parents and caregivers our wish for our children is that they become the best version of themselves. It is to come from a space where we acknowledge that it is from us that there life lessons will come from. We are the first teachers and role models of our children. We are the ones they look up to as they build their personalities and character. But we have not had any training modules or special education to train our children. We need to become aware of the mammoth task in front of us and impart to our children the tools and skills that are eternal and will stand the test of any situation and circumstance. And in doing so the most valuable tool that we may have on our hands is training our children with values. The five values of Truth, Love, Non-Violence, Peace and Right conduct can shape and mold the character of our children and help them navigate their life with the right principles.


We as parents invariably teach our children some of these but we do not wrap them in that language. Our children need to know, understand and reflect on the values and what it means to practice them. These five human values are like the five fingers when they come together they provide us with the tools and strategies that can help our children and us navigate through life seamlessly.


When we follow these values we find ourselves in a place of authenticity and optimal parenting. We grow in self-confidence and self-appreciation as we practice the value of love for ourselves. As we follow the human value of right conduct our children learn the skill of responsible behavior and self-management.


Our tone of voice, our self-discipline teaches them the value of peace and love. Our homes become a place wherein we become the role models for our children. And when there is peace in the home there is peace in society that leads to peace in the community and the world at large.


I think all parents have a dream of what they would like to be with their children — as well as what they would like their children to be like! Many parents have difficulty coping with the stresses of this world. But when we learn to value ourselves, be kind to ourselves and do not give in to the stress of the outside world we learn to pay attention to the real things that matter. Alignment with human values helps us understand better the needs of our children by examining our behavior first. When you know better you do better. The parents when they have a benchmark a shining star to reflect upon in the form of human values they become the light reflectors and beacons of ideal behavior for their children.



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