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Don’t let technology control you.

Over the years things have changed so much. Earlier people went to restaurants to have a good meal and catch up with friends and enjoy time together. I do not really know how and when all of that changed. The other day I was invited out for a dinner with friends and it was interesting over the course of the dinner each one of us checked our phones at least three times. I may come from old school of thought but someone explain to me what happened to basic courtesy of paying attention to others? I consider it downright rude if people check their phone will talking to others. A Pew Research Center survey shows that 82% of adults believe cell phone use at social gatherings hurts conversation. We all lived before quite well before the mobiles took over our life.

Technology was supposed to make our lives more smooth and calm. Aren’t all the inventions supposed to make our lives smoother and more comfortable? We’ve got to learn how to use technology for our betterment. How not to get busier and stressed on the inside as well as outside?

Some of ways we can control this epidemic are as follows:

  1. Remember you are the master and it is a tool – I have a friend who would turn off her mobile phone whenever we went out. And I remember asking her why does she do that and she replied, “The phone is for my convenience and not for others. This time I choose to be fully present in my conversation with you and phone happens to be a distraction. I value your company more than the phone.” Often I have wondered how many times through our lack of conscious presence do we send out the message to our friends and family that the mobile, the I pad, the computer are more important than living breathing human beings.
  2. Create boundaries – When you’re working on a project, put your phone in another room—or turn off notifications. A Florida State University study found that even if people didn’t check their phones when they buzzed, their minds still wandered.
  3. Create time slots – Decide a particular time you will check your messages or play candy crush on the phone. When you do that dedicate those 30 minutes only for that and do not do anything else. This may require a lot of discipline but is sure to yield positive results.



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