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Swachh MIND Abhiyaan

It is interesting to note how much effort we take to nurture our bodies. But what about our heart and our spirit? When was the last time your heart danced joyously and your spirit soared to new heights. Only when we create a harmonious blend of all these three we will lend beauty and radiance to our lives.  Scattered_thoughts.svg

Yes it is very much important to earn a living or fill our bellies with delicious food but more important in our lives it is to fill our hearts with bliss. The food that we eat takes care of the body but the food that we feed our mind and spirit will provide us peace, happiness and contentment and connect us to our inner core. To be able to do that is not an easy task but certainly worth trying and practicing. It all begins with an intention to be kind to an entity called the mind.



Do we eat food from the garbage bin? No, we don’t. Why? Because we know it is bad for us. Similarly excessive worrying, indulging in gossip, not taking time for quiet reflection, not being generous in spirit are all the part of garbage we collect over the years. When was the last time we sat down and decided today I am going to clean my mind of all the negative thoughts and extra garbage I am carrying in my mind and spirit? The way we clean our plate after eating food we need to clean our mind by practicing habits like mindfulness to purify our mind.

What we think so we become is an adage we all know of. How do we enhance the capacity of this great resource?  We can do this:

  • By taking out time to be with ourselves, take a walk to the store alone.
  • By clearing the clutter of our thoughts, put it all down in paper.
  • By reading inspiring books, take it all in.
  • By thinking of our goals and aspirations, set them and make a plan.
  • By paying attention to what makes our heart get filled with joy, lose yourself.
  • By being kind and compassionate, help your spouse or parents. Tell them how much you love them.
  • By aligning to the highest purpose of our lives, think where did you lose your track.
  • By being mindful, iron your shirt today; the best way you can.
  • By spending time in nature, go to the park without your phone and wallet.
  • By listening to our heart and mind, sit quiet and let it flow.0d0f441afa2b6d2583e82231e7e3be8d

We need to be ever vigilant as to what we feed our minds and spirits. Our lives should be marked by what makes us human – our kindness, love, sharing, compassion, empathy and all these values have to be practiced on us and by us. We are the center of the universe. All of our lives should be lived in consonance with the command of our conscience. This rule must remain the same, whether we are being observed or not, whether someone is noticing us or not. We owe it to ourselves to have a life we can be proud of. At the end of today, let’s try to clean our mind in whichever of the above mentioned we would like to. In fact, invent your own way. Before Swachh Bharat let’s have a Swachh mann. “Its my life, its now or never,” as Bon Jovi rightly said more than two decades ago.hands-compassion

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