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This happened way back in the year 1990. I was a young girl deeply disturbed at the happenings of my workplace. Too much back biting, politics and low work ethics. And me being the rebel wanted to do something about it and change the workplace. Around that time I was intrigued by a lot of self-help books but nothing seemed to work.

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The summer vacations came in and thinking on the lines of leaving my job I sought advice from my guru (teacher). He listened very intently to my ramblings and asked, “Why all this is disturbing you?” I distinctly remember my response, “Because this is not how the world is supposed to function.” He smiled and said, “The world is not your business. You are your own business. Mind your own business” It is one of the most profound lessons I have ever learnt. Suddenly it was like a veil had been lifted from my mind. My job was not to change the world; my job was to change myself.Mind ur own business_1

We are responsible for our decisions and our expertise. Our focus must be on making our circle of expertise bigger so as to encompass all that concerns us. It is about minding our own business and taking responsibility for our actions. As years went by whether it was family situations, work situations or business situations I more often than not, found peace and clarity following this advice. It is never about anyone else. The world is but a resound and a reflection of my being. If I focus on my skills, and myself I am able to come up with better solutions.

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Having said that it is not easy to not actively mind the world’s business. We are all wired to jump into other people’s business. It requires tremendous amount of self-control and self-discipline to control the urge of telling people what they should do or not do. I know for myself that I tend to find way more faults with others than look at myself and understand it is my viewpoint that needs a lot of tweaking. I also have come to realize that with minding my own business I find peace and satisfaction and of course respect. There is so much for me to focus on and improve personally that now I find it a complete waste of time focusing on others. The way forward is to align my life with my goals and to make myself the best version of what I can be and one of the best ways of doing that is by minding my own business.


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  1. Saikrishna Vaidya
    August 31, 2016 at 2:41 am

    So true.Very well illustrated and explained.


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