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When you know better, you do better.                                                                        -Maya Angelou

The above-mentioned quote is one of the most important quotes that inform our work and our decisions at AHAM. Maya Angelou could not have framed this any better. When we spend time knowing and understanding ourselves better we can take better decisions and make better choices.


Why we are mentioning this is because recently  a friend mentioned this quiz, which is a peep into different kinds of personalities. We realize that when we understand who we are it deepens our relationship with not only oneself but also others. So keeping that in mind we all did the test and found it to be quite accurate so decided to share it with all of you. You can take the test on this link:

Click Here to take Personality-Test


We found the test quite interesting and it did not take too long to finish it also. It took us about 12 minutes and was a lot of fun as it makes you think about you are and what would you do in certain situations.  There are other tests also that you can try including the Myers-Briggs and DISC profiling. If you have never done one before this one is a simple and good one to start with.


In our case you also realize that there are so many different personalities out there. You come to appreciate it takes all kinds to make this world a fascinating place. That there are so many ways to look at the same thing. It is a realization that we all have different skills and different personalities and to be successful we need to learn to respect the ones who are different than us and look at the challenges we face from a different point of view.


We at AHAM are great advocates of knowing yourself better.  So hopefully this test helped you to understand yourself better.


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