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Millennial Workforce Mindset


For us in the training and development industry we are always on a lookout for the recent trends and data that provides us with inputs to inform our practice. We are always looking for the ideal work week. To enhance the productivity level we all need to engage in tasks that we enjoy and do not find cumbersome. Companies and organizations are looking for ways to keep their employees engaged and motivated.


One such survey that throws more light on the same is the 2016 Deloitte Millennial survey, wherein 7,700 millennials representing 29 countries around the world were asked how much time they typically spend on certain activities versus the ideal amount of time they would prefer to spend on those tasks each week. According to the results, millennials would significantly devote more time to the discussion of new ideas and ways of working, on coaching and mentoring and on the development of their leadership skills.

Summary of the results:


Actual Time

Ideal Time

Discussing new ideas

3.3 hours



Developing Leadership Skills

2.7 hours

4.5 hours


4.8 hours

4.1 hours

Receiving training/coaching

2.4 hours

3.6 hours

Looking at the results what actions can be taken to implement the changes. If one was to look at the fact that millennials want to spend less time on emails, we need to focus on improving the communication channels, and to start the process assessing how much time the employees spend on different tasks could be a good strategy as when you know better you do better – a core principle of AHAM.


A lot can be done by the learning and development departments on all the four tasks as mentioned in the research. The amount spent on developing leadership skills can be increased by conducting workshops and seminars on a frequent basis. Coaching and mentoring programs can be set up for them. Workshops on developing communications skills can help break the barriers and lead to smooth functioning and increased productivity.


The way forward is to engage with this workforce is to provide them ample opportunities for skill development and a supportive environment that will lead to more committed and vibrant workforce.

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