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Forgive and Be Happy

On a recent train journey a young man entered the train and came and sat and refused to take his luggage off his head despite lot of other passengers cajoling him to do so. Seeing this entire episode take place in front of my eyes it got me thinking. In not letting go off his luggage he chose to carry the burden on his head of that extra baggage which was completely unnecessary. Don’t we all make the same mistake again and again? We carry the burden of all the negative incidents, the bad remarks, the insults, and bad memories in our mind and refuse to forget and forgive. We do not realize the impact it has on our mind, body and soul.


Something that happened years ago continues to have a hold on us. An incident that happened with many years ago I held on to it and made a judgment call on that person that she was rude and kept the grudge inside me for over twenty-five years. I recently met her after a long time and realized she had not targeted me by her irrational behavior; she talks like that with everybody. But I carried that burden and it impacted my mind and health. It certainly did not matter to her, as she was not even aware that she had spoken to me that way. blogpic_1


We do not collect our garbage in the kitchen and hold on it. All these incidents are nothing but garbage. Like the physical garbage needs to be thrown off we need to have a strategy to get rid of the mental garbage. For if not taken care of this mental garbage starts to stink and it robs you of your happiness and peace. It is important to let go of this toxic waste filled with prejudices, dislikes and even sometimes hatred for you to be in your happy space.


There is a simple way of doing that. Make a list of all those people who have impacted negatively in your life. And as you read each name tell yourself aloud I forgive you and take over the power that you hold to impact my mind, body and spirit. You will realize you suddenly feel better and happier. It is like a detox for your mind. So forgive and forget and reduce your mental weight to feel lighter and happier.


Always know that by forgiving and forgetting you are not being weak. But it implies that you are much stronger than the incident.

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  1. Happy to be ME
    November 20, 2016 at 2:40 pm

    This is so true ! We need to declutter in order to fill our minds with positive and happy thoughts and constructive ideas :)


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