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Being Mindful

We live in a world that demands our attention all the time. Our mind is constantly preoccupied with a million different things and we are rarely fully present. If I am not being fully present we are robbed of our ability to live life to the fullest and be in our enough and happy space.


You don’t need to block out 30 minutes in order to experience the benefits of mindfulness at work. Here are a few ways you can stay in the present moment to do your best during a busy day.  I will share with you three ways that you can be more mindful at work.

  1. Do not multi-task – Focus on just one task at a time. Most people know multitasking is ineffective nowadays. If multi-tasking is so inefficient, why do people still do it? The reason was uncovered in a study by Zheng Wang at Ohio State University. She tracked students and found that when they multi-tasked, it made them feel more productive, even though in reality they were being unproductive. Ways not to multi-task are many some of them include creating blocks of time to do one task, keeping a time journal, switching off as many distractions as you can that include phone, email, Facebook etc.
  2. Set reminders – We get so caught up in our thoughts we forget to be mindful. Set reminders in your phone about taking a mindful break every two hours, put a small picture on your desk or computer to remind you to be mindful. When the alarm goes off, take a break and take a short walk, have a glass of water and take a few deep breaths. If possible look at nature and express gratitude to the amazing creator for the life that has been gifted to you.
  3. Listen to music – Create a playlist of songs that really speak to your soul. Music has the power to heal our body, mind and spirit. Tap into that amazing resource and rejuvenate yourself.


Being mindful requires a higher level of awareness and once you cultivate that quality of being mindful you will learn to enjoy every moment and be in the enough and happy space. So go ahead include being mindful in your daily routine and enjoy the dividends of being in the present here and now.
You can learn more about being mindful, watch the videos below:

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