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Dreaming the Impossible

Follow Your Dreams

This happened sometime in the year 1992. Sitting in my tiny apartment I realized I had no money on me to make the next meal. What was I to do? I collected all the old newspapers in the house and called the Kabbadiwala and sold the newspapers and remember distinctly with that money bought 500gms of vegetables and cooked them.

But even in that situation I refused to believe that my life was going to be like that.   

Even at that time I knew that it is not going to be the story of my life. I told myself I want to be a trainer and a writer and inspire and motivate others to live their best life. I told myself the situation I was in was a passing phase and I cannot let go of my dreams. So I did have to make lot of changes and adjustments and worked very hard. Slowly but surely things started to change and my life started to move in the direction of my dreams.

It was a very challenging and tough time. And the tough times kept coming back. But the point is what is more important the tough times or your dreams. Life never promises to be a bed of roses and there are no free lunches. Once we understand that, there is a certain clarity that comes with that realization that we will have to work mighty hard for our dreams. And the one thing that we need is the conviction that we can achieve whatever we set our heart and mind to.

Decide what you want and it will open doors for you as you will find clarity. Many people have no idea. To follow your dream you should know what is your dream

Through the hard days and the struggles I kept on working on my dream whether it was writing an article for a newspaper or working with UNESCO on cultural sensitivity or it was giving a talk on the radio I did not let go of my dream. I knew for sure one day some day I will follow it will come true.It may take a lot of time but I am not letting go of it and so finally I started my company that focuses on happiness and productivity. The dream I had to serve people, to help them unlock their infinite potential by putting my message out there came out true in 2016 after long struggle, wait and loads of hard work and the hard work still continues. For the message to spread and impact thousands and millions requires content generation, marketing, networking and it is a huge learning curve but the dream has come true.blog_pic_1

So for all of you there follow your dreams, know that you can turn them into reality so go for it as when you accomplish the first step it will generate happiness and satisfaction and will bring you joy and sense of accomplishment. Our wish for all of you is that you live your dreams, create them and achieve them.

Reject the Rejection

Rejection is a part of life and you will encounter it more when you set for yourself bigger dreamsTo be successful there is no other way than to strengthen your resolve that whatever may happen you will not give in or give up. You will have to learn to deal with rejection. Come to think of it Rejection is really nothing but mirage. You get rejected because you make an assumption in your mind that you will win that order or you will get that job. You started with a

Rejection is not a reality, it is a myth. When you start out there is 50 percent chance you will not get rejected  that is better than just sitting there and not trying out something new. So basically you will not lose anything. 

Our world is replete with examples of those who were rejected and they rejected rejection.

Amitabh Bachchan was rejected from All India Radio for the quality of his voice which they thought was too heavy for radio.

Colonel Harlan Sanders left home with his pressure cooker and his special recipe for cooking chicken and he received 300 rejections before someone gave him a chance. But he rejected rejection 300 times and now there are more than 18,875 restaurants in 118 countries across the globe.

One of the most astounding number of rejections would probably have been faced by  John Creasey. A popular British mystery writer, Creasey collected 743 rejection slips before he sold his first book! Impervious to rejection, over the next 40 years he went on to publish 562 full-length books under 28 different pseudonyms! If John Creasey can handle 743 rejections on his way to success,so can you.

Sylvestor Stallone says he takes rejection as someone blowing a horn in his ear to wake him up and get going, rather than retreat.

Ways to deal with rejection include not taking rejection personally. It is not about you. Maybe they are not on the same page as you, maybe they are incapable of seeing the world from your point of view, or they are just not interested. Know it is not about you. It is not their job to fulfill your dreams, it is your job.


Jack Canfield says whenever you ask anyone for anything, remember the following: SWSWSWSW, which stands for “some will, some won’t; so what—someone’s waiting.”. Mark Victor Hansen is so fond of saying, “What you want wants you.” You just have to hang in there long enough to eventually get a yes.

It is wise for you to get used to the fact that there will be a lot of rejection on the way to your dreams. The point is not to get dejected and the key to success is not to give up. If one person tells you no, ask someone else. Remember, there are over 7 billion people on the planet! Someone, somewhere, sometime will say yes.

Don’t get stuck in your fear or resentment. Move on to the next person.

Remember today prepares us for tomorrow. Use the rejections of today to better prepare yourself for the challenges you will face tomorrow.

Believe in Yourself

Many times in our workshops, we are asked the question how can I believe in myself. Life can be harsh and hard but the key to winning it is an unshakeable belief in ones ability to take charge and move forward. I have lost my confidence and have no desire to move forward.

Following our dreams requires courage, hard work and persistence. It is not easy to achieve your dreams and often we will face challenges and situations that will test us to our limits. But what makes us win all those situations is summed in three words BELIEVING IN YOURSELF.blog_pic_3

  1. Fall in love with yourself– You are one among the seven billion out there with a unique story and voice. There is no one like you and there never will be one like you. Embrace that reality. Don’t underestimate that power you hold and stand tall in your space. Look at yourself in the mirror and admire the beautiful creation that stares you in the face. Honor the fact that you are weird and odd in your own way, love that special something about yourself.
  2. Celebrate the small victories– During your journey towards your dreams you will have small victories. When you have a small victory celebrate it . Give yourself credit for it and take a moment to appreciate what you have achieved and savor that moment. Remember you will have to take out time to celebrate those victories – for they are the sources of encouragement that spur us to move forward. These moments make you believe in yourself more and will help you to move in direction of your dreams.
  3. Work the magic of goal setting– One of the important ways of believing in yourself is by setting up goals for yourself and then coming up with timelines to accomplish those goals. It is about achieving small goals each day. Make your goals as concrete as possible. Maybe you can challenge yourself to doing two concrete things a day. It is about doing those small goals and actions everyday and moving forward on a daily basis. Follow that through once you do that you will see yourself in a new light someone who can adhere to a routine and make strong decisions to take one’s life forward.

Continue to do these things and take your life forward for believing in yourself will give you the passion and the necessary boost to your happiness levels.

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