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Energy: A Pre-Requisite for Happiness and Well Being


Most of us feel we do not enough hours in a day to manage all that we need to. This week we will talk about energy – how to get it, ways to manage it and how to restore it. You must often hear around the term maybe you use it many times, “I have no energy, I am so tired.” I hope at the end of this week by the time you read and listen to the three videos you will feel more alive, more engaged and more radiant that before reading/listening to these videos. Energy is a force that is imperative for you to accomplish anything and everything.


I believe everything energy is very important. If you don’t have energy, you’re not going to give your best to your life, you will have no passion in your relationships, you will not be able to enjoy time with yourself, friends and family, you will not be able to run your business and forget about running more than one business. Energy is the key element it is life.

Everything in the world is energy and this powerful force connects us to each other. When we connect with the positive energy around us, we rejuvenate our body, mind and spirit. We can feel the power of energy around us. We feel it when we walk into a serene place and feel calm instantly, we feel it when we listen to a beautiful rendition of a love song as we soar high with it, or when we listen to a master performer and are inspired to take our quality of work to the next level. When we talk to a positive friend and you feel you are ready to meet challenges of your life headlong.

We need to always remember that for every negative energy you may encounter there is an equally powerful positive force available to us. We need to gather that energy and when we do that we become living magnets and our positive energy draws people to us. Because positive energy is like oxygen it helps us liveand makes us extremely attractive. What are the friends that help you gain positive energy. Surround yourself with them that bring you back to yourself and not take you to external factors.

Energy is of so many different kinds-there is physical energy, spiritual energy, positive energy and negative energy among others. Knowing how to manage all these can make all the difference. In his book ‘The Power of Full Engagement’ Jim Loehr talks about managing this powerful resource by saying we need to give it as much priority as we give to managing time.

How can we be more energetic, what party can we throw for ourselves each day to give our spirit that positive energy. What do you need to do when you feel low on your energy?  Let us explore further what will make you a fireball of energy

As Brendon Buchard says Power plant does not have energy it creates energy.


‘e-ner-je/n 1. Available power.2. Force. The many definitions of the word energy.The power to help us get up and go. The thing we are trying to increase so that we can achieve more, create more be more and live more. All the time 24/7. We need to remember energy like time is a resource. We need to know how to manage it and replenish it.

  1. Focusing on your mind is very important. Do not delve on negative thoughts and be the guard of your mind making sure you do not allow entry to negative energy and thoughts. Our minds love to wallow in self-pity. Avoid worry like plague it does not solve any purpose but impacts your power to make the right decisions and choices. Focus on emotions like gratitude, love, kindness and empathy. Extremely powerful emotions are those that fill you with positive energy. Read books and connect with nature to experience those. As you will explore different avenues you will gain the wisdom to manage your energy better. You have the power to resculpt your brain through practice. Fill your mind with positive images and awesome memories.positiveenergy
  2. Spiritual Energy – There is spiritual energy within all of us that forms the core of our magical divine self. It is a natural gift we all possess. It has the power to uplift us and soothe our ruffled mind amidst chaos. Sometimes we experience it in depths of our inner silence and those who tune in to that energy are the ones in whose presence we feel comforted and energized.

We at Aham are fortunate to work with individuals to help them achieve more and connect to their core selves. We help them to reenergize and live more fully. Last year Rajiv (Name changed due to maintain privacy) met us at one of our workshops and complained of not feeling largely up to things.  A bit of background on him, Rajiv is a young professional working as a software engineer with two very energetic kids and travels frequently due to work. He felt that on most days he was dragging along. In and out of business meetings he is not able to monitor his diet well and has erratic work schedule of late complicatedmatters. But he was tired of being tired on a day-to-day basis. He wanted to play with his children and enjoy life and not make compromises with both his professional and personal time.

As we discussed ways for him to be at his optimal level we realized a lot of us go through the same challenges every single day. Rajiv spoke about spike in his energy levels and then sudden drops and we started working on a meditative practice for him and the practice of being mindful. He set alarms on his smart phone to take a five minute break after every 50 minutes and started practicing mindfulness.

He realized through a self-reflective exercise that looking at his email first thing in the morning made him anxious and nervous for he realized how much he had to accomplish during the course of the day. We slowly worked on a method through which he was weaned away from looking at his email first thing in the morning. That helped him take charge of his morning hours and helped him to design his morning better.

A lot was worked upon in terms of his diet and he started having more green vegetables and fell in love with a green smoothie made with spinach, walnuts, banana and oranges early in the morning. His water intake increased substantially as he would keep a bottle of warm water handy.

Energy is a resource and it needs to be managed and monitored and then only we can take the necessary measures to use it to the optimal level.

The point of sharing this story is to let all of you know that we can work on using this force to our benefit. And once we do that we can have more energy and will feel more vibrant and find the capacity to manage our life better.


Are you aware of how much energy do you have on a daily basis? Have you thought of what time of the day do you function the best? Is there any effort that you put in on a daily basis to experience optimal health and energy? There are five key ways you can manage your energy better. But before we even discuss the five important ways you need to understand all of these will only work if you take charge of yourself and commit to taking action in these five areas.

  1. Manage your Energy – more than managing your time managing your energy is of vital importance. If you look at world-class athletes they often think in terms of energy recovery. If you are going to think of energy expenditure you should equally focus on recovery time. Take frequent breaks to renew your energy. You can renew energy by taking a short walk, listening to soothing music, turning off your cell phone. Pick up a ritual of doing some deep breathing exercises every hour, eat five six meals a day instead of two or three bigger ones. Follow any of these for 21 days and see your energy levels go up.
  2. Drink More WaterWater is the elixir of life and major component of the life-giving source. Most of us do not drink enough water. Our brains are 76% water, our lungs are 90% water, our blood is 84% water, and blood plasma is 98% water. Drink a lot of water minimum recommendations says eight glasses of water and try to include in your diet water-rich foods like spinach, water-melon, cucumber among others.waterelixir
  3. Take a Weekly Sabbatical – One day in the week take out for yourself. Pull back form all the activities you do on a routinely basis. This day give yourself a day of renewal. A day when you relax and be, a day for renewing your mind, body and spirit. A day that is focused on being and not on doing. Watch a movie, sing, have a leisurely bath or just stay in your pajamas all day long. I know of people some amazing people who plan most for their day off as they do not want to spend it on other people’s agenda and trust me when you do this you will feel a difference in your life.
  4. Feed you Mind, Body and Spirit – Become aware of what you feed your mind and spirit. Notice sometimes you walk into a room and your energy suddenly feels depleted. Or someone who saps you of your energy. Create a mental barrier around such people. Stay away from the person’s negative energy. You watch a television program and you feel irritated after it. Don’t watch such tv programs. Do not listen to negative news or read the newspaper first thing in the morning. What you feed your body is equally important. Slowly try to eliminate sugar from your diet. Eat more of fruits and vegetables.Practicing silence is a great way to quiet your mind. Listening to guided meditations can help you with that. Try being quiet not just physically but also try not to think anything for ten minutes in a day.
  5. Create Some Rituals – Create a ME space in your home. Your home is your refuge. It is a place that provides you rest and relaxation. A neat and clean space where you can relax with your favorite book or music. Keep a few plants in this space. Use some essential oils. One excellent way to renew yourself is the power of touch. Give yourself a foot massage or a hand massage. You will feel more energy when you do that.

All this will only fall in place once you observe your energy patterns. You cannot change that what you do not measure. So pay careful attention to what works for you and you will realize what boosts up your energy level and then focus on doing more of that. Energy is a force and essence of life. You decide and choose how you will use it. My hope is you will make the right choices and use it to fulfill your life and purpose. May the force of positive energy be with you and fill your cup of life to the fullest.



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