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What are goals and how to achieve them?


As we approach the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017, we all will set up new targets and goals for ourselves.Many people do not have an engaging and empowering set of goals as they step into the New Year. There are many reasons how a lot of them forget about their goals before the end of January. Some of them do not come from a space of taking their life forward, they are finding out what is they need to fix in themselves instead of coming from a space of self-appreciation. Still others have not aligned the goals to their deeper purpose, not given them enough thought so they struggle as the goals don’t seem to speak to them and then there are others who have not created the necessary road map to achieve them.

Why are goals important and how having them take our life to the next level? This is what we will focus on this week. To begin with why this terms goal is important. Goals are important as they give direction to your life. If we do not have goals our minutes and days pass by aimlessly. We do not tap into our inner resources and find the purpose of our lives. Goals help us to take our life to the next level.


Oprah Winfrey one of the richest persons on earth who was born very poor says goals give you direction and focus. She believes if you are willing to work hard for them you can achieve anything you set your mind to achieve.

Bruce Lee, arguably the greatest martial artist to have ever lived, also understood the power of declaring a goal. If you ever get a chance to visit Planet Hollywood in New York City, look for the letter hanging on the wall that Bruce Lee wrote to himself. It is dated January 9, 1970, and it is stamped “Secret.”Bruce wrote, “By 1980 I will be the best known Oriental movie star in the United States and will have secured $10 million dollars. . . . And in return I will give the very best acting I could possibly give every single time I am in front of the camera and I will live in peace and harmony.”

Bruce made three films, and then in 1973 filmed Enter the Dragon, which was released that same year after his untimely death at age 33. The movie was a huge success and achieved worldwide fame for Bruce Lee.


During our interactions with our clients one question that often comes up is, “So what do I need to do to move ahead in my life?”
 A lot of us probably have made an effort and tried a few things but are still not where we need to be then this episode is for you.

We at Aham invest a lot of our time studying, researching and working on the success principles and the art of taking your life to the next level. And one of the biggest ways of achieving your dreams is about goal setting, identifying and working on your goals and becoming aware of what you need to do. So how do you set the right goals and work towards to them. What are the steps you need to take to move forward to achieve your goals?

  1. Raise your level of awareness and consciousness. Identifying what you want to achieve and what is it that speaks to your heart can only come about when you have clarity about the direction you want your life to take. You need to be present and aware of what you want for your life. Clarity brings with itself focus and right direction. If you want to go ahead bring decide what you want? To make it easier for you we have made a list of seven categories you can set goals for yourself:
    1. Career
    2. Financial
    3. Health
    4. Family
    5. Leisure
    6. Spiritual
    7. Social goals

Once you have these seven categories list 3-5 goals in each of them that you want to achieve. Write them down. Do not think of any goal to be too big or too small. They are your goals and give them the respect they deserve.

So many people out there are not honest with themselves when they complain they have not reached their goals it is because they have not followed the right tools. When you follow the tools in an appropriate manner, intelligently and with the necessary discipline it will work. So first things first get clarity of where you want to go and what you want to achieve. It is like you want to travel. But to start the process you need to know you destination and then plan everything around it. The other important thing to remember is if you are succeeding at something that does not align itself with who you are then eventually it will not serve your purpose in life. It will be you climbing the wrong wall.

  1. Create a timeline around your goals. Your first step was to know what you want to achieve and get clarity around it. Having taken the first major step now, write down the time you think you need to accomplish each of your goals. Do not worry or stress about how you will achieve your goals instead think realistically how long it will take you to accomplish the goal. When you do that you send a message to your mind that you are serious about the goal – you are creating a planned strategy and it is no longer a dream. Timing them is a major step in making them a reality. Let us say you want to travel to Europe – when you want to do that – two years write that next to the goal in your leisure goals. Follow that principle for all the categories of your goals. If all the categories seem overwhelming pick the top four you want to focus on. Goals are dreams with a time frame.being-present
  1. Get the knowledge base – Now that you have accomplished the two starting points now you need to enhance your knowledge base, gain competence and skills that you may require for accomplishing your goals. You need to spend time to know, understand and study about your preferred goal. Knowledge is power. Whatever you can read about it, talk to experts in the field, do online research, as this knowledge base will work as your ammunition for achieving your goal. If you look at some of the most successful people you will realize they are experts in their particular domain. What is your area? How can you become master in that field maybe you want to have an investment portfolio – you will have to study the market and the options that you have, the mutual funds, debt options, so many things. This knowledge is like the road map you need, as it will help you navigate towards the direction of your goals successfully.
  1. Take Massive Action – The third step now that you know the how of where you need to go is to start walking in that direction. A lot of people will do the first three steps but when it comes to taking action they lag majorly behind. Because action requires lot of hard work and discipline and they lack both. They are not willing to walk the extra mile or burn the midnight oil for achieving their goals. It is not easy achieving anything. For one you have to break the self-created barriers and go for it full gusto. If you want to earn 10,000 rupees more, you have to work 10 times harder.
  1. Discipline and Consistency – the two magic words. These two words will define if you will achieve your goals or not. You will require discipline to let go of things that waste your time, all the distractions that may be fun but will not yield results in your direction. To make your goals a reality you will have to learn how better to control your time and you will have to do the set of activities on a consistent basis to move ahead. You need to be consistent in terms of your outlook and not give in when the times get tough. You have to have the discipline to keep your positive attitude because everyday is not going to be easy. Change the way you think about you and push yourself to achieve more in a structured and disciplined manner on a day-to-day basis and then see the magic happen. As you plan your 2017 and set goals for yourself I hope these pointers will motivate and guide you to take your life to the next level and you become the best that you are capable of.


  1. Scheduling – As we move forward in the direction of your goals what are the most important factors in accomplishing them. Now you have identified your goals and broken them in smaller parts and created the road map have you scheduled those smaller tasks in your calendar on a day-to-day basis. How does you calendar look like? Have you written down all the actions you need to take you nearer to your goals. When we schedule we are showing commitment towards your goals. Chances of you doing the necessary hard work multiples. Your calendar has tremendous power when used in the right manner it can change your life. It should become a tool for you to take your life to the next level. You can use those 12 months as a strategic plan for becoming the best you can be. Most importantly no one should have the power over your schedule.
  1. Self-Talk – A Major Catalyst – how do you talk to yourself. What does the incessant chatter in your head sound like? If you talk about your goals in a passive and negative manner you are setting yourself for failure. If you talk about your goals as if they are something impossible to achieve you will never achieve them. Everything around us in energy and it is but a reflection and a mirror image of our thoughts. So you want to achieve your goals speak about them in a positive light. Attract the right energy around them.mind
  1. Read your goals three times a day–Having written down all your goals as discussed in video 2, the next thing is to activate the creative powers of your subconscious mind by going through your goals three times every day. Take time to read your list of goals. Read it with enthusiasm and passion Imagine that you have accomplished that goal. When you do that on a daily basis it increases structural tension in your brain as psychologists call it. This will increase your creativity, motivation and provide you resources to reach your goals.

Your calendar reveals it all: How is next month going to continue to grow your joy, strengths, skills, passions, consciousness? If the answers are not already in your schedule then you’re not living as proactively as you could. Learn to use the calendar as your ally and soon you’ll be living what we call The Charged Life!




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