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How to truly feel and be beautiful?


 What according to you makes someone beautiful? Think about the people who have impacted your life, the ones that make you smile when you think of them, the ones that make you feel good. I think one answer that all of us will probably come up with will be the ones we consider beautiful are the ones that engage with the world at the core beautiful level. They are the ones who can appreciate the beauty in others, they are graceful and kind and probably not beautiful by the standards set by society.

Beautiful is what beautiful does, a quote I remember growing up. Is beauty only about how one looks physically? Is it only about the skin color, the shape of eyes or lips or does it run much deeper. Your beauty has much deeper roots than how you look physically.

Audrey Hepburn considered one of the most beautiful women on earth said, “True beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It’s the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she shows & the beauty of a woman only grows with passing years.” It holds true of men too. We are all attracted to the people who actually see us despite our physical flaws and recognize the beauty, the magnificence that is our true real selves. The way they treat us and make us feel makes them beautiful to us. Write down of the people that have made you feel beautiful and I can guarantee you have never cared about if they had the perfect skin tone or were the wearing the latest designer clothes.

One thing I personally think stands out about beautiful people is their ability to connect with you at a deeper level. There is certain grounding about them or certain authenticity about them. They are not hollow and do not say thing just to make you feel good. They are rooted in their uniqueness and choose to share that with others without trying to be someone else. They honor themselves by being the most genuine and authentic persons they can be. And they carry it with them wherever they go. Truly beautiful people stand apart as they like themselves and they do not change their outlook, thoughts, and way of dressing to impress someone else.

Another ability of truly beautiful people is their ability to connect and be kind to others.They do not sit in judgment of others and waste their time telling people what to do. They have an innate grace and acceptance of the world and do not react to the actions of others. They will give their opinion when asked but not to demean others. They follow the philosophy of respecting others and letting the world be. They are confident of their space in the world and do not manipulate to gain another person’s favor. They have a positive vibe about them and they bring their good intentions with them and that makes them beautiful.

 The real beautiful people have a unique characteristic to them.

beautifulI remember meeting Mother Teresa once and what made her unique was the beautiful smile she had. It was the most genuine smile I had ever seen in my life. She connected to you through her beatific smile. It was like a magnet. It was alive, energizing, genuine and a ray of sunshine. Some others have a way with words, still others have it in the tone of their voice and some have in their giving spirit.

Another thing about beautiful people is their ability to be keep learning. They are not those who have given up on life they are the ones constantly learning and are passionate.Irrespective of their color, age, gender, and place in the world they are open to information and knowledge. They live life to the fullest and seldom use the word bored. They find out what makes their soul sing and take the action to follow their dreams. They are the ones interested in you or real information and keep working on their passions. They are optimistic and are attractive to the mind and soul for who and what they have made of themselves.

To be beautiful is a choice that you make by appreciating the gifts that you have, by being genuinely interested in others, by being kind and passionate and as always the choice is always yours. So go out there and be the most beautiful version of yourself.


Talking about being beautiful one major stumbling block we have to overcome in feeling beautiful is learning to self-appreciate ourselves. Why do most us find it very hard to appreciate the people that we are? Why we constantly judge ourselves negatively and choose to believe all the negativity that people throw at us?

I think as a society we do not sit and contemplate on who and what we are. We spend most of our time being wired outwardly and do not pay attention to the miracle that is within us. Most of us are raised in an environment where we were reminded more of our flaws and less about our beauty and qualities. We all long for acceptance and have an innate fear of rejection. The latest ads focus on the inadequacies of our body shape and our facial features and we get sapped into those social and media messages.  And the worst part of it is to get so caught up in these negative messages.


For learning to appreciate oneself requires hard work and taking time to spend with oneself. It is about showing kindness and compassion to oneself and connecting to the living divinity within. It is about taking responsibility for one’s life and letting go of feelings of rejection and not feeling loved. It is about coming to terms with our human failings and knowing that we are vulnerable can be a painful experience. But what we do not realize that there is immense power in coming to terms with our past and moving forward. There is immense freedom in accepting our grand selves as in doing that we break the connection of grandiose and unrealistic standards of beauty and start the journey of feeling beautiful within.

When we start to appreciate who and what we are we reinvent ourselves and break the chains of constant approval. We see ourselves in a new light and developing a healthy appetite for the good in us. Understanding that negative self-judgment takes us away from happiness and freedom and joy could be a huge wake up call in learning to appreciate ourselves.

Start the journey of self-appreciation by taking small steps. Spend five minutes a day thinking of the time when you liked yourself, when you thought of something as beautiful though it was not perceived of like that by others, the time when you gave a pat of your shoulders for a job well done. If you have never appreciated yourself it may take you a while to find the beauty of being you but do not give up as it has the power to change your life. Be consistent with the exercise till you start to see the light in this activity.

Remember it is your job to appreciate yourself –The world does not owe you anything it is preoccupied with its own agenda you owe everything to yourself. As you start to spend the five minutes with yourself slowly you will start to see the change regarding your perceptions. You will start to gain more confidence as you let go of your old notions and behaviors.

Try something new

Maybe you have never gone out for dinner by yourself or not ever done gardening or painting. Try something – break your limits and do something that challenges you. As you will acquire the new skill you will learn to admire yourself for taking the risk and pushing your limits. Pause and reflect on how you feel and how others react to your accomplishments. A lot will make negative comments for you are doing something they could have tried and yet there will be encouraging comments. As you get out of your negative space you will get more compliments, as you will reflect positivity, the same positive energy will mirror back at you.

The more you will learn to appreciate yourself and your uniqueness the more it will be possible for you to connect with your deepest core and with others. These little acts of appreciation will bloom like tiny little buds that will rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit and take you to your awesome, beautiful space. It will result in an open heart that will give you a deeper sense of self and you will find the beauty within and will love yourself for the miracle that you are.



I believe strongly all of us are born beautiful. We have all been gifted with an innate sense of beauty and we need to look closely enough. More often than not we are so critical of ourselves that we do not appreciate the qualities and beauty we posses. We internalize the messages of media and the unrealistic standards set by society and the comments by friends and family. It is only when we search deeper within we will realize we are beautiful inside and out. What are the ways we can feel more beautiful. Here are some of the ways


  1. Do not judge yourselves all the time. When you see yourselves in the mirror do not make ugly comments about yourself. None of us is perfect but we can all do ourselves a favor by appreciating what we have. Be kind to yourself and to your appearance. Think about why you judge yourself so harshly. Are you looking at yourself from someone else’s critical eye? You do yourself a huge disservice by listening to and then believing to other people’s negative comments. When you look at your physical features think of how you will react to a physical features of your dear friend or your loved one. You will look at them through the lens of love and appreciation-apply the same lens to yourself.
  1. Do not compare yourself to others – There will always be people better looking than you, someone with a better height and yet others with a better complexion. Stop comparing yourself with them, as it will not yield any results. Instead pay attention to what makes you unique and a living
  1. Identify your best attribute – Studies show that people who are unhappy with the way they look will look for their flaws first thing when they see themselves in the mirror. On the contrary focus on the one thing that you like about your appearance pay attention to it and when you do that you will feel a surge of confidence and it will lift your mood and spirit.
  1. Get real – Understand that the media presents images of perfection to us, which are unrealistic, and mostly photo shopped. We often compare ourselves to them but do not realize there is a whole lot of stylists, photographs, makeup artists and designers to make them look the way they look. It is about telling you if you buy a particular brand of lipstick you will look better than ever before. They are created to make you feel inadequate as advertising works on the premise you need a particular product to complete you. Be smarter than that and do not buy into that conversation.
  1. Mind your company – Who are the people you surround yourself with? Choose your friends wisely. If your friends constantly disapprove of their looks you will start to do the same. Have friends who look for your qualities and are not just focused on the externals. Also watch out for how you talk to your friends. Do you constantly make negative comments on their physical appearance? If yes then you need to change that.


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