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This Habit is the Biggest Factor for Unhappiness

One of the biggest stumbling blocks to your happiness is you comparing yourself with others. When you do that you basically close all doors that lead to your happiness. As Jack Canfield says, “I generally find that comparison is the fast track to unhappiness.” It is such a waste of time.Comparison

Do not compare yourself to others for there is no same starting point for you and the other person. Even before you begin you set yourself up for failure. You cannot compare apples with oranges. They are different fruits with different tastes and textures. For us at Aham, we believe we cannot compare ourselves with others because we are not at the same place as them. In our business, people will say look at the following this person has, or the number of YouTube videos they have done or the likes they have. It is a very ridiculous exercise to compare as two people will have different ideas about everything, different set of circumstances, and different styles of working and challenges.

When you compare yourself to others you cut yourself a very raw deal. You basically tell yourself that the other person is better than you and that you will not be able to achieve that level of success. You need to start where you are and with what you have. What we need to do is to work on ourselves and learn from others. What is that we need to work on and create and focus on? Instead of focusing on other people’s agenda think of ways you can create awesome content.

Comparing yourself with others will not take you forward. Massive action will. In comparing ourselves with others, we lose the opportunity to respect and appreciate ourselves. At an unconscious level we tell our brains this person is better than me and I am good for nothing. We start a downward spiral that pulls us down. Our job is to find happiness and not derail ourselves by getting disappointed and disheartened comparing ourselves with others.

Do not compare yourself to how successful other people are, or how much money they have or their big cars or fancy clothes. First of all you do not know the real story. These are kind of thoughts stop us from becoming successful ourselves. A lot of people that are there where they are have worked really hard to be there. They struggled and kept going despite the hardships and challenges. Instead of comparing yourself to them think of the ways they worked hard, their methods, and their vision and try to learn from them and build your own success story.

Another important aspect where people compare themselves to others is in terms of how people look and appearances. How others look has a lot to do with their genes and very less to do with their hard work. If I started looking at the YouTube videos of people in my industry I would have never started as a lot of them look better than me and are younger than me. Magazines are filled with people who will be better looking than you do not compare yourself to them as they have a team of stylists, designers who are paid to make them look perfect. In one of her shows Oprah Winfrey the talk host show said, “I do not look like this in real life, there is a team of more than 100 people who work very hard to make me look like this.” So focus on yourself and ways you can work on your looks maybe you need to work on you hair and your wardrobe. Spend more time experimenting with your looks and enhancing your skills.

If at all you want to compare then look at what special things other people are doing in your space. What are the ways I am different than them and are there ways I can enhance my work or skills to become better at what I do? Look at the ways people are using latest technology to enhance the user experience. We live in a world of extremely talented people, find ways to learn from them. Find ways to engage with them so that you can get knowledge from them and I can assure you a lot of them will be willing to share their secrets.YouAreEnough

Your job is to get inspired by the greatness around you and in doing that appreciate yourself too. You are as amazing as everybody else. You need to honor that space. The only person you need to compare yourself with is the you that you were yesterday. As Maya Angelou says beautifully, “You alone are enough, you have nothing to prove to anyone.” Do not get lost in comparing yourself with others instead let your magnificence come to the forefront and you shine. Theodore Roosevelt famously said that, “comparison is the thief of joy.” So stop doing that and celebrate your life and your talents.





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