Insatiable drive and magnetism are key character traits of a leader and a survivor. The moment Dr. Taneja walks into a room, you know you have met the ultimate combination of both.Her self-esteem took a nosedive along with woes of weight-gain and plummeting finances when she became an orphan at 23 years of age. She desperately yearned to spend her working hours in the comfort of her home and to pursue what thrilled her heart. With her face to the concrete and an inner thirst that hadn’t been quenched. Dr. Taneja made a choice: “I am not an accident. I am going to take my power.” It was a defining crossroad for her. She decided to exchange the poverty and the challenges with designing her own life. With a rejuvenated spirit and focused tenacity, she completed her Doctorate in human values and went on to join United Nations.

She started her career as a primary school teacher and since than has taught in six countries and considers herself primarily a teacher and an awakener. She believes teachers have the power to change lives and credits her sixth grade teacher for her success. She believes when we educate our children with the right skills, we create a powerful future as they hold the key to our better future in their hands.

Tenacity and confidence are what fuels this powerful force. From schools, colleges to corporates, Dr. Taneja provides her clients with fresh perspectives and doable tactics. Quick-witted and highly engaging, Dr. Taneja is an accredited speaker that hits the stage with immediate charisma and insider tools that consistently garner rave reviews. It is like listening to your best friend that already trained for the race, experienced the mishaps, and is back to show you how to win it. Dr. Taneja puts it succinctly;

“My goal is helping others eliminate the things that are preventing them from getting the results they deserve.”

Her hybrid presentations are packed with interactive elements, audience engagement, and practical guides to unblocking one’s standard success model.

There is no “one-size fits all” business formula but, you can rest knowing that Dr. Taneja is a sure fit to maximizing your success.

Dr. Taneja’s vision continued to climb till her path became clear that she was an awakener and her job is to awaken others to magnificence and beauty that lies within them.