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I Am Enough is a collection of real life stories of Dr. Taneja’s students who overcame challenges and adversities to become the best version of themselves. It is a practical guide towards awakening your inner magnificience. This book seeks to inspire an individual’s journey to delve deeper into discovering their inner strengths.

The book makes the journey to self-discovery fun and interactive, with the help of activities and goal-oriented tasks at the end of each chapter. Covering topics that include overcoming fear, bullying, lack of confidence, mindfulness and character-building, among others, I Am Enough will inspire the reader to look within and discover the talents he or she is born with.

It has been written with the hope that our children rise to become the best version of themselves and learn to appreciate and acknowledge their personal strengths and gifts.

Dr. Taneja’s twenty-five year teaching experience in different parts of the world, observing and learning from her students forms the backdrop of this book. The book is built on the conviction that within all of us is the untapped source of strength and resilience that makes each of us unique and a living miracle.