Leadership is about who you are and what you know. I am enough leadership Intensive Program is about:
Rediscovering your core strengths

  • Aligning with human values of love and truth
  • Standing grounded amidst challenging situations
  • Connect with people and learn to communicate effectively

I am enough leadership program develops your leadership skills ability by providing you the right tools.

Leadership is about making choices – You will gain an understanding that leadership does not happen in a vacuum. It is the choices that you make that will create the tomorrows.

Leadership is about relationships – How to make them work, how to align yourself with the human value of love so that you nurture yourself and others in the process.

Leadership is about resilience – It is about finding the courage to not give up. It is about managing conflict and difficult situations.

Leadership is knowing you are enough – It is to honor that you are an embodiment of the eternal truth and to stand tall in that space.


  • You can expect lots of learning to take place and you uncovering hidden depths of your core reality.
  • You can expect to connect with others at a deeper level and communicate with empathy and presence.
  • You can expect to step into deeper realms of understanding, face new challenges and as a result become a stronger and a better leader.
  • You will get access to productivity tools, develop deeper understanding of concepts like leadership virtuosity and how to use to maximize your potential.
  • You will learn to influence others and learn to lead by example.
  • You can expect to learn how to clarify the roadmap to success for yourself and align to your goals and dreams.
  • You will learn to be authentic and learn to honor the person that is you and know that you are enough.
  • You can expect to have access to skills and knowledge that help you to resolve conflict and manage difficult situations.
  • You can expect to learn time management techniques and how to stop procrastinating on important leadership actions.
  • You can expect to engage in discussions, meditation, group activities, yoga, self-reflective exercises, new ideas, etc.

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