What you say, how you say it, and how you make it relevant to the audience at hand, can turn an idea into a power horse. We live in a world where communication is the number #1 currency. The right way of communication is one of the most important things we’ll ever figure out socially. I am enough Master of Communication Program is about:

  • How to architect mass influence and movements with smart content generation and messaging.
  • Aligning with human values of Non-Violence and Peace in your speech so as to maximize your impact.
  • Understand the interplay of content, concept and process and how to frame these into your communication.
  • Learn the universal patters that underline all communication – master the way to communicate so that people listen.
  • Discover your own unique power and style and what defines you – walk away with a newfound confidence.


I am enough Master of Communication Program provides proven success strategies that help them achieve your goals by providing you the right tools. It delves deep into the following:

  • Communication is about developing a compelling voice. – You will participate in voice modulation exercises to learn how to use your most powerful tool.
  • Communication is about effective presentations – learn the tools and skills to make powerful presentations.
  • Communication is about effective body language – learn how to stand up, make eye contact and use your body to communicate in a verbal and non-verbal way.
  • Communication is about story telling – how to weave your message around a story and why story telling remains a prime way of having lasting impact.
  • Communication is about building relationships – How to build a relationship with yourself and others. It is about honoring the space you stand in and reflecting the same for others.


  • You can expect to learn how to precisely frame your message and transmit it with confidence.
  • You can expect to learn the ten most important presentation skills and use them to make transformational presentations.
  • You can expect to gain the confidence and learn to deal with nervousness and convert it into your strength.
  • You will learn to illustrate your facts with stories that will engage your audience and propel them to the next level of excellence.
  • You will learn to use your most powerful tool – your voice in a compelling manner.
  • You can expect to understand better how communication impacts relationships and use that information to your advantage.
  • Throughout this program you will participate in group exercises, experiential exercises, practice sessions, meditation, self-reflective exercises to develop and strengthen your skills. Your take away will be a clear understanding of your abilities and how you can keep on working and improving them.

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